Anklebiters Publishing is a DIY self-publishing tiny press and home print shop located in Houston, TX. Everything is DIY, including design, printing, scoring, cutting, binding, promoting, distributing, and hosting events for publication releases.

Anklebiters aims to help create beautiful, crafted publications, including zines, journals, and books. Anklebiters is open to publications that don’t fit these formats, as well.

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Anklebiters offers the support of being published by a press and the freedom of publishing your own book. Anklebiters can guide you hands-on through the steps of publishing a collection and help you spread your work through promotion, local distribution, and book touring. Anklebiters can function strictly as bookmaker/printer/binder or be more involved if we like each other’s work.

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To inquire about publishing a full-length publication, such as a poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or hybrid collection, novel, novella, chapbook, magazine, or zine, contact us today.

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