Shitfaced Poetry Night

For the release of Anklebiters Journal each year, we host an event called Shitfaced Poetry Night. People who were published in the journal are invited to drink all day with us while workshopping pieces based on  themes that will be performed or presented to an audience later that night.

After each SPN, we collect the beer- and vomit-covered scraps of poetry/art and publish them in a zine. The zines are available online for purchase here.

You can live vicariously through each Shitfaced Poetry Night via the recordings below.

Shitfaced Poetry Night, shot by Adrienne Elyse Meyers
Even More Casual Shitfaced Poetry and Other Things Night, shot by Daniel Coreas
Inebriated Verse Evening, shot by Daniel Coreas and Roger Arset
Shitfaced Poetry Night / Kill Line Release Party, shot by Daniel Coreas
Shitfaced Poetry Night / Knell Journal Release Party, shot by Daniel Coreas