Anklebiters Journal is a DIY literary, arts, sounds, and video cacophony published once a year. Anklebiters publishes each journal under a different title.

If you would like to submit to Anklebiters Journal, please see online issues to get a feel and carefully review the guidelines below.

  • Anklebiters Journal is published once a year.
  • You can send work anytime.
  • Anklebiters solicits work from known artists, but always leaves room for submissions, too.
  • Please allow plenty of time for a response. Anklebiters will let you know that your work was received within a month, but the acceptance or rejection of your work may come up to 2 months later.
  • Please do not submit work that has already been published by you or anyone else.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, just let Anklebiters know if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • At no point does Anklebiters “own” your work, but if you go on to publish it again, pretty please mention it appeared in Anklebiters Journal.
  • If your work is accepted, you will receive a free copy of the print edition. The print editions of Anklebiters Journal are sold to cover the cost of materials and machine maintenance to make them, not to make a profit. The purpose of Anklebiters Journal is to build a literary and artistic community and anthologize and celebrate that community’s stories and work. Online editions will always be free.

Send all submissions with a cover letter and short bio to

  • Poetry: submit no more than 3 poems totaling no more than 5 pages. In the subject write “Anklebiters-Poetry.” Anklebiters will try to match unorthodox formats as best as possible.
  • Fiction: submit no more than 5 single-spaced pages of a short story or flash fiction. In the subject write “Anklebiters-Fiction.” If your work is longer than 5 pages, please let Anklebiters know. Anklebiters can publish it in installments.
  • Visual Art/Photography/Comics: submit no more than 3 pieces. In the subject write “Anklebiters-Visual.”
  • Sound: submit no more than 3 tracks for the online issue, preferably mp3s though we can probably convert other file types if absolutely necessary. In the subject write “Anklebiters-Sound.”
  • Video: submit a link to your video. In the subject write “Anklebiters-Video.”
  • Other: there may be a piece you have that does not fit into the above categories, i.e. nonfiction, essays, interviews, reviews, mixed media, etc. For these, please submit 1 piece totaling no more than 5 pages single-spaced. In the subject write “Anklebiters-Other.”