General Submissions

Anklebiters operates as a self-publishing press, offering the support of being published by a press and the freedom of publishing your own book.

Anklebiters charges for materials at cost and provides labor for publishing services. You make your book however you want, with Anklebiters’ help available.

The cost of materials and labor varies depending on size, run, b&w vs. color, type of paper, and how much work Anklebiters puts in.

Work that is especially interesting to Anklebiters, unique, challenging, subversive, decolonizing, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and/or abolitionist, can receive a more involved approach and go up on our site if you want. Work from artists and authors of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ folx has first priority.

To inquire about publishing a full-length publication, such as a poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or hybrid collection, novel, novella, chapbook, magazine, or zine, contact us.

Anklebiters Journal

To submit to Anklebiters literary and arts journal, click here. Anklebiters Journal is published once a year in print and online.